In order to ensure maximum satisfaction, our design team would like you to understand the production process. Please take the time to read through the following information before contacting our design staff.

Order Rush:

A rush charge or 50% above design fee will apply to any projects with less than 3 days turn-around. This EXCLUDES weekends.

Kill Fee:

Any canceled projects will be billed at normal hourly rates regardless of completion. Basically whatever percentage of the project has been completed will be the percent of the agreed upon total that is due upon time of cancellation.

Meeting Time:

The initial client meeting will be free of charge. Any additional meetings or consultations may be billed at an hourly rate.

Thumbnails, Rough drafts:

Once a project is ready for client approval, a rough draft will be provided by our designers. Hard copies & prints are $5 each occurrence.

Logos, Info, Pictures Etc.:

You are liable for any media or content you supply to our designers including all info, pictures, logos and any images you want to use for the layout of the product. Our designers are NOT responsible for finding or creating any of these items. If this is a need for the completion of the order then a service charge of $75.00 per hour on top of the base rate or quoted rate will be applied. Also you are liable for the rights of any artwork, logos or test supplied to us. You consent that you have permission to use info given to us and we are not liable for this.

Scanning Fees:

A scan fee of $10 will apply to any project requiring normal image scanning. Additional fees may apply for any negative or slide scans.


New Client? A deposit of up to half of the total estimate for your first project will be required before your project is started. If the kill fee is greater than the deposit, the client will be responsible for the remaining balance.

Rights and Ownership:

This fee applies to projects that will be re-used, such as logos or web sites. This fee is flexible and will be assessed based on the project. One time projects such as flyers or posters will not occur any rights or ownership fees.


Every project has revisions. Our first two revisions are free of charge. Each additional revision will be charged at the designers hourly rate.

Client Approval:

Once a project has been approved for print or web publishing, our designers are not responsible for any errors or delays in production.

Grammar Errors:

In most cases the designers will cut and paste from the text you supply us with. It is your responsibility to make sure your spelling, event dates, and any critical info is correct and accurate. We are not responsible for your errors.

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